Mike Hall – Jazz Tenor Sax Part 1

Mike Hall brought a his tenor saxophone, and the Mitch Perrins Trio provided the surroundings for an evening of excellent Jazz, guiding the audience through the evolution of the tenor sax. From Brecker through to Webster, not necessarily in alphabetical order, taking in Billy Strayhorn, Stan Getz, Bob Mintzer and Eddi “Lockjaw” Davis along the way.

The interaction between front man and band was fantastic, considering they’d never met before. They melded together perfectly and seemingly with ease. Mitch Perrins on drums, Mike Green on bass and Richard Jones on keys providing the space for the sax, then each supplying their own flair during the solos.

Hopefully Mike will return to continue our education of the tenor sax throughout jazz music.

Here’s a recording “From the table” of the last track of the evening – Stan Getz’s Voyage: