North South


North/South is a new quartet comprised of Yorkshire based jazz musicians saxophonist Nadim Teimoori and drummer Tim Carter, and London residents Sam Dunn on Guitar, and Matt Carter on Organ. With all members of the band writing for the quartet, their music takes influence from a wide range of sources; heavy swing, weird and wonderful mathsy grooves, epic
soundscapes, and bluesy sentimentality. Their sound melds the tradition with the contemporary. An exciting new quartet that will be touring in 2020.

‘Nadim’s voice on the tenor is thoughtful, melodic, harmonically advanced, and creative. Beautiful!’  Chris Potter

‘Sam Dunn is a wonderful musician on all levels. He has a wide, interesting repertoire, beautiful sound, and is equally compelling with ballads and burners.’ Judy Carmichael

Nadim Teimoori (sax)
Tim Carter (drums)
Sam Dunn (guitar,)
Matt Carter (organ)